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Toy Soldier Experience

Soldiers in Silloth Toy Soldier Experience is a first-class exhibition/museum displaying toy soldiers and related items as an all-weather family attraction in the seaside holiday resort of Silloth on Solway, Cumbria.

It is based on a private collection of over 10,000 figures, vehicles, guns, castles etc built up by a local resident who wished to dedicate the collection and the building which houses it for the benefit of the town. It is run by a group of local volunteers on behalf of the community.

Exhibits include a large-scale "diorama" (a table-top model) representing the Battle of Waterloo and toy soldiers from around the world dressed in uniforms of the Napoleonic Wars.

Other figures show soldiers of Ancient Egypt, Hadrian's wall and almost every period of warfare up to World War II along with forts and castles, cannons and catapults, chariots and tanks. Some of the toys are over a century old, made in Europe, America, Japan and (of course) Hong Kong. There are Victorian lead soldiers of the sort Winston Churchill used to play with and modern plastic ones like those in "Toy Story".

We keep up links with similar themes in the area. Silloth is on the Hadrian's Wall trail and we have a section devoted to that. Silloth was an operational airfield and there is still a working dock taking ships from round the world.

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I could live here

May 2015

INTRESTING and fantastik and briliant


The reality of life and sorrows of war – we can't forget

A visitor from Canada, September 2014

What an amazing find!

August 2014

Long may this Aladdin's cave remain in operation

May 2014

A tour de force!


More dinosaurs next time


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