Figures and battlefield models from around the world. An indoor attraction for all the family


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Family in Museum

Something for all Ages

Rorke's Drift

8th Army Scots and Indians

Action Under Water


Britain's Lancers

Britain's infantry of the line

Britain's Knights of Agincourt

Corner of Waterloo

Household Cavalry (metal and plastic)

Jubilee Display

Company logo

German by Lineol. Comp. glue & sawdust

Our Local Regiment

Lone Star Modern Army (1950's)

Mountain Warfare

RAF Silloth

Saratoga Diorama

Saratoga Detail

Timpo Knights in Action

Waterloo Cabinet

Waterloo Diorama

Greek Elephant

Elastin Normans and Count von Berlichingem

Hadrian's Wall - Milecastle

Gettysburg Saratoga

How Italy Saw the Indian Wars

Indian Camp and Fort

Mounted Chief

Timpo GI's

Alymer Spanish hussar

Desert Warfare

German Character Figures


Sailors of the World